Squat/Push/Sit/Sprint with Fit Messenger

One of the simplest ways of boosting morale within your gym is getting trainers and clients involved in a friendly competition. Have your trainers face-off against each other or against clients within your facility. Have a push-up, chin-up, sit-up, squat and sprint competition over a 3-4 week period and have your clients “vote” for their favorite trainer /client using Fit Messenger. Have a set time on a weekly basis where you can get a large audience watching the contestants face-off. This will really boost the energy of the competition, plus it will give you a great video to use. You can assign each trainer and client a keyword (make it fun by giving them a nickname) and have the clients vote for their favorite trainer by texting “SuperSara” to 70000. You can post each video of the trainers on your facebook fan page and send all your clients in your Fit Messenger list the links so they can see the trainers/clients work their butts off if they missed it in the gym. The trainer that gets the most amount of votes gets All of the Glory (you can make a cheesy trophy) and they get to choose which Charity your gym will get to raise money for at your next event.

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